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Back in early 2015 I decided to quit smoking.  I was handed my first vaporizer and a bottle of e-juice and from that point on I was a non-smoker.  Since, I have helped many kick the habit and rid themselves of the smell, costs and health risks associated with cigarettes.  During the first six months I struggled to find a flavour, at a reasonable price, that I could enjoy all day.  I found myself always going back to the tobacco blends and this began my journey into mixing.  Bluffs Brewing Co. was created.  Since then we have developed through research, opinions of friends, family and customers what we believe to be a unique low cost line-up.  Our exceptional blend of flavours in addition to unmatched customer service is sure to set us apart.  Give our line of premium e-liquids a try.  Your taste-buds will thank you!

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