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ALL ABOARD- Your taste-bud will certainly be on board when sweet and tart notes of fruit wash over them.

AURORA- This flavour shines bright just as an Aurora should.  Banana Coconut Cream Pie.

BRIMLEY- In Brimley you will find a medley of creaminess flowing over a Strawberry Cheesecake.

CAPTAIN- Creamy and delicious.  This Blueberry Cheesecake will tickle your taste-buds.

CHARTER- Strawberries, Rich Bavarian Cream, Tropical Fruit and Vanilla Custard.  This is sure to be a favourite.

DOCKSIDE- This refreshing Blueberry and Raspberry combo slushie will keep you cool throughout the summer.

HARBOUR SHORES- Retreat to your comfy place with this Marshmallow, Graham Cracker and Chocolate delight.

HIGH SEAS- Take a journey on High Seas through waves of Salted Caramel, Banana and delicate creams.

ISLAND PUNCH- Get swept away and care free feeling with the tropical fruit explosion that is Island Punch.

LAKE 0- The staff fav here at Bluff's.  Crisp Apples, Succulant Watermelon and Fresh Strawberries.

OASIS- Our twist on an old Italian classic dessert.  Flaky pastry filled with Cream, Custard & Strawberries.

LIGHTHOUSE- Get whisked back to the days of home baking with this Tangy Lemon in a Pastry Shell.

PIRATE'S BAY- A flavour worth searching for with Tropical Pineapple whipped into a moist Cheesecake.

MARINA- Juicy Peach and Dragonfruit highlight Marina with various fruit undertones on the exhale.

PRECIOUS PEARL- This creamy Mango and Coconut blend is as smooth as a pearl and the flavour is brilliant.

RUTHLESS JACK- Get ruthless this summer with an icy cool Jackfruit, Apple and Cantaloupe twist. 

SUGAR BEACH- Kick up your feet you've reached the beach.  Enjoy sweet Lychee and soothing Honeydew relaxation.

SUMMER- This breezy summer vape is our twist on the classic Strawberry and Banana.

TREASURE CHEST- No map requird to find this bountiful blend.  Everyone's fav O' Cookies dipped in rich Custard.

YACHT CLUB- This Blueberry twist on the classic Lemonade will be your next all day vape..